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Four ways to fix the social data disconnect

When companies try to use social data for providing insights, they very often fail. Contributor Nate Elliott offers four ways to fix this problem.

For the last 15 years, we’ve been using social data wrong. We think that because social marketing programs create lots of social data these two things — social programs and social data — should fit together. But they don’t.


In his book, The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories, Christopher Booker explains how and why all stories boil down to one of seven plot structures, and how these can act as outlines for effectively presenting all sorts of information. By organizing presentations to follow these story structures, your audience will recognize the familiar flow, and find it easy to understand you and your content.

From overcoming a monster to rags to riches, check out this QuidCornerinfographic to see how these familiar storylines can help your next PowerPoint leave a lasting impression.


Failure in the workplace can take many shapes. The budget cycle ended, and your prized initiative was the only one on the chopping block. Or the client called and abruptly cancelled your agency’s long-term contract. Maybe the star employee you recruited into your company turned out to be less than stellar, and you participated in a string of HR discussions culminating in termination. In any of these cases and many more, you experienced a demoralizing, public failure.


Social-Media Stars Are Turning Heads—of Regulators

Influencers, the social-media stars courted by fashion, beauty and luxury brands for their legions of internet followers, are attracting a new crowd—regulators.

These stars offer their fans on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms what might seem like unscripted glimpses into their daily lives, complete with products and brand mentions—but sometimes without disclosing that companies have paid them in cash, goods or services.


When was the last time you heard the story of a great innovation begin with, “I built a killer spreadsheet”?

More often you’ll hear stories like the one behind Airbnb’s early growth strategy. Founders Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky’s had in their early days been advised by Y-Combinator’s Paul Graham to leave the confines of Silicon Valley and get face time with customers in their most concentrated market, New York City.

10 sales predictions for-2018

2018 is almost upon us as we finish up our last sales month of the year and get ready to look forward to another year of selling.  This is the time of year when we start seeing lots of articles predicting the sales trends of the future, complete with lists of what we can expect for the following year.

Here at Spiro, the AI-Powered CRM, we’ve come up with our own list of predictions for the following year too. The difference between our list and everyone else’s, however, is that ours is probably a lot more realistic. It’s so realistic, in fact, that we’re guaranteeing these predictions for 2018 will come true. Here they are:

3 Important Ways to Establish Your Expertise and Build Trust With Clients

Use testimonials on your websites and advertisements to build credibility with clients and earn their trust, writes Ken Sterling. If necessary, be willing to acknowledge a product's weakness while emphasizing its strengths, which will also help prospective buyers trust you more.

Don't you wish you could make deals faster? One of the reasons it takes so long to make a deal is the lack of trust between you and your client. As everyone knows, it takes a long time to build a relationship. The Online Marketing Institute has shown it takes between 7-13 touches with a client before you make a sales-ready lead.


banner tet 2018pb2

 Nhân dịp TẾT MẬU TUẤT 2018, SMEI Việt Nam kính chúc Quý khách hàng, Quý đối tác một năm mới AN KHANG THỊNH VƯỢNG, VẠN SỰ NHƯ Ý

 SMEI VIỆT NAM xin cảm ơn QUÝ KHÁCH HÀNG, QUÝ ĐỐI TÁC đã quan tâm và tin tưởng các chương trình đào tạo Sales & Marketing chuyên nghiệp của SMEI trong suốt thời gian qua.

 ĐẶC BIỆT, nhằm Chào mừng năm mới và cổ vũ đội tuyển U23 VIỆT NAM chúng ta trong trận chung kết giải U23 Châu Á, SMEI VIỆT NAM có chương trình khuyến mãi giảm giá đặc biệt duy nhất 1 lần trong năm (Chỉ dành riêng cho các THÀNH VIÊN SMEI VIỆT NAM) mức giảm 6.975.000 VND tất cả các chứng chỉ quốc tế CME, CSE, SCPS, SCPM từ ngày 25.1 đến ngày 20.2.2018

Link các chứng chỉ quốc tế: http://smei-vn.org/index.php/vi/chuong-trinh/chung-chi-quoc-te

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How to Stop Your B2B Sales Leads from Falling Through the Cracks

Ensure your representatives' new sales leads are handled properly by pre-qualifying them using a clear, consistent process, advises Al Davidson. Leads that are far from a purchasing decision should be nurtured through tracked conversations, data, demos and product information.

One of the dirty secrets of B2B sales is that many B2B organizations are losing lots of new business leads and wasting a significant amount of time by chasing the wrong leads.

Despite all the money that many companies spend on marketing and sales headcounts, much of this investment is going to waste. Why? Because too many B2B companies are not doing a good enough job of qualifying their new sales leads.

How to boost your team's productivity quickly

Sales teams can be more efficient closing out the year if they take the time to clean up their customer relationship management data and automate small tasks whenever possible. Encourage your team to unsubscribe from social media notifications to improve focus during the workday, writes Meg Prater.

What are the Top Challenges Facing Retailers in 2018?

Last year we explored some of the major challenges that we thought the retail industry would face in the upcoming months and years. It quickly became our most popular blog post. Despite the short time that has elapsed since the original post was published, there have been some significant developments in the retail sector.

For that reason, we thought it was a pretty good time to review the new problems facing online retailers in 2018.

8 Overlooked Social Media Tactics That Can Boost Conversions

If you’ve been using the same social media tactics for a while—and the results have leveled off—it’s time to shake things up a bit. According to Paul Lentz, an executive at ShareThis, a content optimization firm, emotional cues in headlines and social sharing buttons can build brand awareness and bring new customers. Lentz’ post offers several examples and screenshots.

1. Double Down on One (or Two) Channels That Work For You– And Share Videos

Let’s face it: Internet users are addicted to video, and that’s great for publishers and marketers.


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