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Content Wins! 3 Types of Content Marketing to Take Your Business to the Next Level

As female entrepreneurs, most of us are looking for ways to market our business online with heart rather than sleaze or push. Well, there is one way of online marketing that does just that! This way of marketing will never go away, it will rule the market; time and time again! This way of marketing will get your business out there by providing value from the heart instead of sleazy sales tactics!

The 7 biggest problems online marketers will face in the next 5 years

Technology has made it an exciting time to be in marketing. But for all the advancements we've seen, we're still going to face some major hurdles as we move into the next era of marcom.

Stop scattering chum: Use intent data to catch big fish with your marketing automation platform

Is your marketing automation as smart as it should be? Columnist Thomas Koletas explains how using intent data can help make your automation program more intelligent and efficient.

B2B lead generation – a shift in power

Anthony Sims, MD of Sims Creative, discusses the rise of pull marketing strategies that produce results and drive down lead costs

The balance of power in the B2B purchasing process has shifted. By taking control of their purchasing processes, B2B buyers are calling the shots.

4 Email-marketing Tips to Drive (More) Sales

There are many ways to increase the effectiveness of email marketing, from testing subject lines and creative to increasing frequency and discounts. In this article, I will review four ways to increase the results of your emails, to move the needle on traffic and, ultimately, sales.

4 Tips for Building the Perfect Content Marketing Team

Given that the goal of content marketing is to make genuine connections with people, finding the right people to lead your content marketing efforts is critical for your success.

What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook Messenger

Will It Be Pull or Push and Other Questions Brands Need to Understand

Last week, Facebook opened up Messenger usernames for all businesses, encouraging them to promote their Messenger presence in the same way that Facebook once encouraged brands to promote their Facebook pages.

Six useful ways to refresh your content marketing strategy

As things change at a fast pace, so does the need to evaluate every element of a content marketing strategy, in order to maintain the strongest features and improve (or abandon) the weakest ones.

This process may seem daunting, but still, it should not be avoided as it may simplified into the analysis and the evaluation of the following parts:

Customer Acquisition: 4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Reach Clients

So you've decided you won't be advertising on TV during a major sporting event, or doing any television ads in the near future. Radio's out, too. In fact, your marketing budget is pretty much non-existent these days. But that doesn't mean you're out of luck when it comes to finding strategies for customer acquisition.

Millennials, Mobile And The Sales Trends That Are Taking Over In 2016

Usually it’s difficult to tell who’s going to win a game after just one quarter, but if your sales and marketing teams are already starting to feel like the Cleveland Browns, you may want to huddle up and add the following sales trends to your playbook.

The Answer to This One Question Will Skyrocket Your Sales

Can all your sales problems be solved with a single question?

Dr. Karl Blanks is an Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) member from London. He is the co-founder of Conversion Rate Experts, a consultancy that scientifically grows many of the world's most successful web business, including Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. We asked Karl for tips on growing sales.

Marketing Metrics for Business Success

Marketing metrics and marketing analytics are the new buzzwords in digital.

And, for good reason. Marketing metrics improve decision-making so your campaigns are optimized. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing yields a number of hard metrics (as opposed to squishy ones such as awareness). In that respect, digital marketing looks a lot more like direct marketing, than traditional marketing.


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