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5 Effective Ways to Get Guest Blog Posts Approved

1. Ensure That You Write in Your Niche

The most important tip for creating successful guest posts is to post in your niche, at least your first few times. Not everyone’s material carries over with the same effectiveness across genres. For example, the voice of a finance writer is not the same as the voice of a travel writer. The reviewer who reads your entry will quickly recognize your passion about a subject. Since they’re going to let you link back to your own site, you’ll seem like more of an expert to their readers if

TopRank 8 Essential Concepts Digital Marketers Must Know

There’s an old story about a reporter who visited a skyscraper construction site. He approached one worker and asked what he was doing. “I’ve got to pour this cement before it sets, don’t bother me,” was the reply.

The reporter asked another man the same question. “I’m setting this rebar, don’t bother me,” the man said. Over and over, when asked what they were doing, each worker irritatedly explained their task at hand.

Finally, the reporter interviewed the lowest man on the job totem pole—the hod carrier. His job was to scoop up clay on a flat board, then hold it for someone

10 Ways to Leverage Social Media in 10 Minutes or Less

Social media is powerful.

No doubt about that, but what it can also do is suck up your time so fast you suddenly find yourself with not only no sales, but also no leads.

Here are 10 things you can do to leverage social media, and best of all, once they’re set up they will only require 10 minutes per day to maintain.

Buổi ký kết triển khai Chương trình hợp tác đào tạo SMEI VIETNAM - ĐH TÔN ĐỨC THẮNG

Với chủ trương thực hiện Chương trình đào tạo chất lượng cao chuyên ngành Quản trị Marketing, đây có thể nói là cơ hội tốt mà ĐH Tôn Đức Thắng đang trao cho sinh viên của trường mình, đặc biệt là sự nỗ lực của BGH nhà trường từng bước quốc tế hóa chất lượng trong giáo dục. Cùng với Tiêu chí “Đào tạo gắn kết thực tiễn”- một trong những yếu tố khẳng định thế mạnh và uy tín của Đại học Tôn Đức Thắng

Tọa đàm “Triển vọng nghề Sales & Marketing trong thời kỳ kinh tế hội nhập"

Với mục tiêu đem đến cho sinh viên chuyên ngành Marketing các thông tin bổ ích về thị trường lao động nói chung cũng như có được những định hướng đúng trong ngành Sales và Marketing nói riêng. Vào lúc 8 giờ sáng Chủ nhật ngày 6/11/2016, Khoa Quản trị kinh doanh kết hợp với Tổ chức SMEI Việt Nam tổ chức tọa đàm với chủ đề“Triển vọng nghề Sales và Marketing trong thời kỳ kinh tế hội nhập” 

4 steps to better sales forecast projections

Creating a highly detailed sales process is the first step to more accurate sales forecast projections, writes Bob Apollo. Forecasting guidelines must avoid ambiguous terminology, and efforts must be made to ensure that sales representatives are buying into the process. Finally, make use of specialized platforms that can ensure the proper evaluation of sales data, he writes.

Dân sales mà có 5 dấu hiệu này thì đừng hi vọng kiếm được tiền

Trở thành một nhân viên bán hàng (nhân viên sales) là điều hấp dẫn với nhiều người do cơ hội kiếm được tiền cao và làm giàu nhanh chóng. Tuy nhiên, không phải ai sinh ra cũng có tố chất trở thành dân sales. Và nếu như có những dấu hiệu này, bạn nên tìm một con đường khác để kiếm tiền chứ đừng cố làm sales.

3 Shipping Mistakes That Can Destroy Sales

Shipping isn’t sexy.

It’s not a slick marketing message creating a mouthwatering offer your customers can’t refuse.

It’s not an engaging social media post that has everyone sharing with their friends. It’s just how the product gets delivered to your customer.

Meet Willis Turner, CAE, President and CEO at SMEI

"I feed on the energy of the members and supporters of the organization, and that truly helps keep my days focused and on track."

Forbes Nonprofit Council members come from a wide range of backgrounds. And with their wide range of experiences, they have a lot to share with fellow members of the community.

Are Your Sales Teams Order Takers or Collaborators?

The time has long passed since a sales team could assume that a great presentation about their product or service would get them the orders they were after. With all the information now available through digital channels, your potential customers are probably already well versed in what you’re selling.

Leaders: 20 Great Questions To Ask Your Team This Week

Early in my career, like most new managers, I thought I needed to have all the answers for my team. It was an old school way of leading and mobilizing the troops. Finally, I had a leader who showed me another way (thank goodness!) and the power of leading through questions.

A CMO’s Guide to Conversion Metrics with Google Adwords

Google AdWords continues to expand and improve conversion tracking metrics, and without a full understanding of the data provided, your firm may not be optimized with regard to generating efficient quality leads and sales.  Obviously search advertising is a must when the goal is to capture prospects in active research or buying mode.

You can target top and bottom funnel.


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