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Why Storytelling Marketing is more Important Than Ever

WHY STORYTELLING MARKETING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER Have you ever tried to present your business through a meaningful storytelling marketing campaign? If you haven’t yet, now is the right time to do it. Consumers of today are overwhelmed by all the information coming their way. What do you think grabs their attention

in today’s environment? Stories. Good stories that evoke real emotions.

Consider this – people have always loved stories. Stories entertain people, offer new experiences and help people better understand and memorize new things. Storytelling can be used by companies of all sizes. It only requires creativity – and it doesn’t require a lot of money. The best thing is – everyone has a story to tell, and this includes you and your business.


Storytelling like content marketing campaigns help people associate your business with a set of symbols that help them make emotional connections. Trying to bring up the benefits of their offers, typical marketers often focus on logical statements and numbers believing this will help them stand out. But the truth is that these business points can rarely engage customers.

People primarily make their decisions based on their emotional gut feelings. Studies show that personal experiences and feelings are a crucial factor for consumers when they evaluate brands (and this includes your brand).

Information such as brand features and attributes is secondary when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

Moreover, names and figures are easy to forget. But you will never forget a good story and the way it made you feel. This is why big and smart brands are embracing storytelling marketing like never before. Let’s delve into some of the biggest benefits that your business can reap from storytelling marketing.



Human connections have been the heart of any business ever since the first trade of goods in history. You do business with people. The purpose of your offer is to solve their problems, improve their lives, and provide them exceptional experiences. If you manage to do this, the increase in your revenue will be inevitable.

Storytelling is the best way to show this human side of your business and convey your brand personality. As soon as you state the character of your business loud and clear, consumers will be eager to get to know you better and become your “friends.” It’s literally just like interpersonal connections between two people. You can’t trust and connect with a person who only shares statistical facts and numbers about her life.


People love heroes – especially the ones who can actually help them solve issues.1 Just take a look at the basics of advertising in the insurance or automotive industry. Marketers tell stories that make people believe their products save lives.

Storytelling marketing helps you portray your brand as a hero among the competition in a metaphoric and subtle way. And yet, it will have a strong impacton your audience. Psychological research shows that the human brain doesn’t make a difference between hearing or reading a story and actually experiencing it. Therefore, if you manage to create a lasting experience, you will be a hero in the minds of your customers.


Do you know a company that doesn’t need loyal, returning customers? I don’t. Customer loyalty is the key for every business, regardless of the industry in which it operates. And again, positive emotions towards a brand are crucial for loyalty. You can make exceptional loyalty programs, and offer unique benefits to make your customers come back. But if you really want to make them eager to engage with your brand, storytelling marketing is the way to go.

Once you grab the attention of your target audience through a story, you can easily keep that attention. Remember how we get hooked on our favorite shows. Thanks to social media, you can create a loyal audience that will be happy to hear what you have to say next. Just get creative and don’t fall into the trap of becoming annoying and irrelevant. Make your customers wait for the “next episode.”   


Now that we’ve seen why storytelling works, let’s see how you can use it toempower your marketing efforts.


The purpose of storytelling in marketing is to help customers understand and feel the benefits of your product. However, the one thing you don’t want your customer to feel is that you are trying to sell them something. Even though your story needs to be related to your brand or offer, you should make your customer feel it’s all about him or her.

Focus on the value your offers bring to people. Be honest and authentic. Ask yourself how someone would benefit from doing business with you. When you have the answer, try to tell this as emotionally and persuasively as you can.

It doesn’t have to be a long story filled with characters and plot twists. You can tell a very clear and emotional story in a very simple way, all within a minute. Check out how Google did it in their Parisian Love story. It’s comprehensive, evokes emotions, and almost everyone can relate to it. What’s even more important, it directly explains how you can rely on Google’s services to make your life easier.


Before you begin making your story, you need to have its desired effect in mind. Do you want to raise brand awareness and strengthen your position on the market? Or do you need to motivate action that will bring immediate return on investment?

Storytelling marketing gives you the opportunity to convey any message you want. This includes stories about the idea behind your company or products, the awesome working atmosphere in your offices, the dedication you put into every product, etc. You can subtly tell everything you want. But this option can trick you into talking too much and losing the focus of your goal.

Johnnie Walker’s The Man Who Walked Around The World campaign is a great storytelling example with a clear goal. This short film reveals a story about the origin of Johnnie Walker as an innovative company with a long tradition. The film talks about history in a way that captures the viewer and reveals the personality of the brand.


What do your customers care about? What are their values and priorities? What would make them feel good? These are the questions you need answered before you start your storytelling endeavor. If you don’t manage to shake up your audience on an emotional level, your storytelling marketing efforts will go to waste.

Craft your story in a way that appeals to multiple senses. Make people feel as if they are really there. Help them feel what it is like to use your product or service. Create an emotional experience they will never forget. Having their problems and values in mind, demonstrate empathy to their needs and you will gain their loyalty.

Go Pro’s Fireman Saves Kitten story is an awesome example of showing the experience of using a brand’s product without even mentioning it. It’s a moving story about the heroic act of saving a life that everyone wants to relate to.

Storytelling marketing can really do wonders for your business. You can tell your stories through images, videos, or blog posts. Whatever you choose, make sure you have the right story and share it with your audience. You can check my post on how to promote your blog on social media to get an idea of how to share your awesome stories with your customers.

Let me know how it goes in the comment section, I would love to hear your stories!

Source: http://thelifestylemarketer.co/



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